Q: Are my Photos/Video sent outside of Canada?
A: No, unlike some other members of our industry, all orders are processed locally by our highly qualified technicians.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We will work with you to correct any issues until you are fully satisfied. In the unlikely event that you are still unsatisfied, just contact us for a return authorization within 30 days of you receiving the package. As soon as we receive it back, the package will be examined and re-tested; we will immediately warrant a refund or re-process the material free of charge after determining that the CD or DVD is not within our highest quality standards.

Q: Will the DVD with the scanned images play on my DVD player?
A: Yes if you ordered a Slide Show, but not if you requested your images just to be stored on a data DVD. A data DVD is intended to be used with a computer, older DVD player won’t read a data DVD.

Q: Is my CD/DVD player compatible with the CD/DVD you send?
A: We use high quality CD-R/DVD-R which has been shown to be the most compatible generally used media. Our discs are compatible with over 95% of home DVD players purchased after 2001. We can also burn a CD+R/DVD+R (no extra charge apply if you explicitly request it with the order).

If you have doubts about your CD/DVD compatibility, please check the specifications on your CD/DVD player for compatibility before ordering.

Q: Will my order be completely processed?
A: There are a few instances where your order will be returned without being converted to CD/DVD. Only return charges will applied to you if we do not process your order for any of the following reasons:

* Blank or undeveloped film or video
* Non-supported Format (such as PAL)
* Objectionable Material
* Copy Protection mechanism
* Video/Cassette/Vinyl with too much physical damage

Q: What about Copyright Material?
A: (if applicable to the material you are sending to us) Please note that you are responsible for compliances of "all the copyright rules and regulations" in accordance with local and international laws.

Q: What are the accepted forms of payment and what are the payment terms?
A: Visa, Money Order/Certified Check are welcome, personal checks will take longer to process. Payment is due upon sending the Invoice. Orders are shipped out the next business day payment is received/processed.

Q: Do you keep a copy of my order (Photos, Videos, etc.)?
A: Not for long, we only keep scanned photos for up to 30 days after they have been delivered to you.

Q: What are the differences between a Data DVD and a Video DVD?
A: The Video DVD will play on a DVD player, like a movie; a Data DVD is to store the photos and to manipulate them with a computer.

Q: Some of my old slides and photos are faded and scratched. Can you fix this?
A: Our technicians will use all their skills and sophisticated hardware/software at their disposal to make significant improvements to your photos. Most dust and scratch marks will disappear and fading colors will be revived.
If the photos or slides are considerably blurred or out-of-focus then there is not really much we can do to fix them.

Q: Do you change the original photos I send?
A: No, our highly qualify technicians will carefully scan your photos and then do all the work with digitized copies of your photos. The originals will be sent back to you in the same state we receive them.

Q: What videotape formats do you transfer to DVD?
A: We can transfer most consumer videotape formats including: VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 and miniDV.

Q: How many hours of video can you feed on a Video DVD?
A: We can record up to 120 min or 2 hours of high-quality digital video on a DVD.

Q: Will the video transfer on a DVD be better quality than the original format?
A: No, the quality on a DVD video will be proportional to the quality of the original material provided. However, we endeavor to clean and enhance the digitized video as much as we can.

Q: The pictures sometimes "freeze" when watching my DVD, why?
A: Poor quality DVD players will commonly see this problem on individually recorded DVD discs but will properly play mass-produced discs however.

Q: Do I have a Regular 8 or Super 8 film?
A: On either 8mm film, the sprocket holes are on one side of the film (next to the frames).
The shapes of the sprocket holes on the Super 8 film are a bit more square and located by the middle of each frame. The shapes of the sprocket holes on the Regular 8 film are a bit more rectangular and located by the middle of each frame's gap:

Also, the diameter of the center hole in the middle of the reel is smaller on a Regular 8 (~1/4 inch) and bigger on a Super 8 (~1/2 inch) Note: either reel type can accommodate either film type (both film types are 8mm width).

Q: How many feet of 8mm film can I get on a DVD?
A: About 1600 feet of 8mm film will fit on a standard DVD.

(Approximate reel Diameter/Length/time for 8mm films with standard thickness type like Kodak)

Diameter: 3in 4in 5in 6in 7in 8in
Length: 50ft 100ft 200ft 300ft 400ft 600ft
time: (Regular8) 3:45min 7:30min 15:00min 22:50min 30:00min 45:00min
time: (Super8) 3:10min 6:20min 12:40min 18:00min 25:20min 36:00min

Important note on 8mm/16mm transfer:
Although we endeavor, some films can only be color & contrast corrected to a certain point. Camera settings when footage was taken, lighting conditions, skill and experience of the cameraman, wear & tear and storage conditions will influence the final quality of the film transfer.