Photos / Slides 

Standard Scanning (With Post Processing):

  • This service includes color/contrast correction and minor scratch/dust removal on ALL images one-by-one.

Best Value Scanning (No Post Processing):

  • This service DOES NOT include any color/contrast correction NOR scratch/dust removal.
  • This option is cheaper but it should only be considered by those customers who want and have the time to optimize all the scanned images themselves. These customers are handy with computers and are very familiar with image manipulation techniques.

Do I need Image Post Processing?

Images will irreversibly decay overtime. Chemicals keep slowly reacting over the years turning blue, red or yellow in most cases. This problem is more pronounced on some images than others but all images will tend to fade over time regardless of how carefully they are stored.

With our unique Post Processing techniques we focus on the highest Quality your memories deserve...
...some other companies may focus just on the "best price" they can offer.

You could get up to 10% off on orders with 1000+ Photos/Slides
(Minimum order: 35 images)


Video Tapes / Vinyl 

8mm/16mm film from reels 

 Price per Reel diameter (inches):

  • 8mm/16mm Inspection Cleaning and Repair
  • Scene by Scene Color & Contrast Correction
  • High Quality Master DVD